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Proper water filtration affects everything from the taste of your tap water to the results of your dishwasher. Our expert plumbers are fully equipped to repair, replace, or install any water filtration system in your home.

We test your home’s water quality, diagnose the source of any contaminations, and recommend the best filtration solution to correct the issue.

Drinking and cooking with clean, softened water is integral to your family’s health. Hard water doesn’t clean clothes or dishes as effectively, and over time can cause damage to faucets, piping, and other appliances.

The best water filters eliminate lingering water pollution from your local water supplier. Proper filtration reduces the risk of waterborne diseases, improves drinking water quality, prevents hard water problems, and ensures the water in your home is as pure and healthful as possible.

We provide the best water filtration repair and replacement services in the Twin Cities metro with a lifetime warranty.

Our Water softener services include:

  • Rust and iron filter repair and replacement
  • Reverse osmosis system repair and replacement
  • Ice maker water filter replacement
  • Carbon filter replacement and repair
  • Water testing
  • Taste and odor filter repair and replacement
  • Replacement filters

Bonfe water quality technicians can improve the taste of your water, reduce your expenses on bottles and give your dishes a clean spot-free finish

Bring the highest quality water into your home.

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