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Frozen pipes can block water from flowing into faucets and appliances. To make matters worse, frozen pipes can even result in pipe bursts. These bursts can flood your bathroom, kitchen, and even the entire home. This can also lead to mold growth in moist areas of your home, adding more dollars to your increasing costs. If the pipes are blocking water from flowing, then you should seek treatment for it immediately. These outbreaks increase during winter as the temperature drops down to freezing levels in Minnesota. While insulation can help, if your pipes are exposed to the harsh temperatures, then it can only prevent freezing for the meantime.

Call Bonfe at 612-206-3097 for affordable Minneapolis, MN frozen pipe repairs and replacements done right! Not expecting a frozen repair or replacement right now? Let us take care of your frozen pipes today by calling us at 612-206-3097 or by filling out a free service request. We look forward to helping you!

We provide consultation and treatment for frozen pipes that can prevent your home from flooding.

One of the most common outcomes of frozen pipes in a home is water damage. Water damage can weaken the building materials and cross contamination may lead to the home becoming hazardous altogether. Hence, it is advisable to seek immediate care for any case of frozen pipes. At Bonfe, we believe in providing our customers with a resourceful approach. We can offer consultation on how to prevent further damage before you receive professional assistance. If the water pipes in your bathroom are enclosed in cabinets or vanities, you must leave their doors open to maintain an even temperature. We can provide you pipe wrapping that can give your pipes an external heat source. If the pipes have frozen, then you can use an electric hair dryer to defrost it, but make sure you follow safety precautions. If the extent of the damage is extreme, then turn off water supply from the main source and call us to attend you shortly!

We now provide lifetime guarantee on our all recommended frozen pipe repairs.

We are happy to announce that we are the first Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN plumbing company that is offering a Lifetime Warranty that is valid on ALL Bonfe recommended repairs and services. We are so sure that you will be happy on our repairs that they are covered for as long as you live in that home.

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