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Why should you be concerned about hard water in your home?

Jo Jo Liebeler talks about the value of a water softener. Minnesota is known for having hard water. Hard water is the amount of dissolved minerals in the water: Magnesium, Calcium, and Lime. The effect on your lifecycle and home is obvious. You will see stains inside your toilets and your sinks. There will be a crusty build-up around pipes and faucets and inside your pipes. This is worse since you can't clean the inside of your pipes. You can clean the stains but the build-up returns because the problem hasn't been solved.

  • There's a cost to the build-up inside your pipes. The water flow is reduced and they can leak.
  • Your appliances can be another victim of hard water. All that lime scale build-up can cause the moving parts to malfunction so it can ruin a washer, dishwasher or water heater.

How does a water softener remove all of those harmful minerals?

Water comes into the water softener. The calcium and magnesium attach to the resin beads. Water flows back up through the tank and into the house as mineral free soft water. After a while the resin becomes ineffective because of the minerals. That's where the brine tank comes in. The brine tank is where the salt is stored. A process called regeneration uses the salt brine to clean the resin so the softener can make soft water again. Over time the resin beads in the water softener become ineffective and that's when the water softener needs to be replaced.

To know how hard your water is, it needs to be tested. Levels of hardness are measured in grains per gallon. 3.5-7 indicates moderately hard water. Bonfe has a test to determine how hard your water is.

 A water softener will make a difference in the entire house:

  • Kitchen – no more spots on your glasses and silverware
  • Bathroom – no more soap scum or lime scale build-up on fixtures or faucets
  • Laundry room – your clothes will last longer, be cleaner and softer
  • Your hair and skin will also feel better!

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