Furnace, Boiler, and Radiator Repair

Living in Minnesota, the last thing you want is a broken radiator or furnace in the middle of winter. Bonfe’s professional furnace technicians handle any heating system problem to keep your family warm all winter long.

If you experience a sudden heating failure, a Bonfe heating repair expert will respond quickly to examine your furnace, boiler, and radiators. Our technicians come equipped to replace or repair any parts that may be at fault to quickly restore your home heating.

When furnace or boiler replacement is necessary, Bonfe provides same day removal of old equipment and same or next day installation of the new unit.

Quick Heat Response™

Most people only realize their furnace isn’t working after their home is already cold. At Bonfe, our first priority is to get you warm! Bonfe’s 24/7 emergency services guarantee you never have to worry about going without heat, even if your system breaks down in the middle of the night. Our techs arrive with space heaters to warm your home until the new installation or repair is complete.

After you schedule service, we’ll set up at least 4 electric heaters to keep you warm until your furnace is repaired.  If we’re not there within 4 hours, we’ll pay you $100

Call us now to GET WARM FAST.

Fast furnace repair in twin cities metro

 Repair and Replacement

Bonfe’s expert furnace technicians provide fast furnace repair and replacement so you never have to worry about getting cold.

Twin Cities Boiler repair service experts

Boiler Repair Service

Our licensed boiler service technicians can repair any gas water boiler in the Twin Cities metro area to ensure your boiler runs efficiently all season long.

Your whole house humidifier experts in the twin cities

Whole House Humidifiers

We install, replace, or repair whole house humidifiers to relieve the discomforts of cold weather and protect the wellbeing of your family and your home.

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